I will be 23 saturday

ok anyone who knows anything about the bunny who runs this site knows she is a very family oriented bunny, and it pains her to cut out or off any family member even if they are hurting her emotionally, she has spent many years doing her best to try and be the good girl, the good daughter, the good niece, the good cousin, the good aunt and good grand daughter. I have to say making the the decision that I had to make today was one of the hardest, I have ever had to make in my life and it comes with a heavy heart, but its freeing to know that the judgements placed on me by my birth fathers family are only from them and even tho they are my family they are not part of my day to day life, the people who i do surround myself with day to day love me for me and all my faults, and choices even if they are crazy they back them, I am lucky to say that I have an amazing group of people that i surround myself with and who I can count on when I need them. so do I think ill regret what i did who knows but just for today I am proud to say that being who i am is a good thing and I am proud of that.

also :P I own a website :)

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