and I love the new layout so I would just like to say thankYou to Him for all His hard work and being understanding and turning my ideas into a […]

My tip for you today is a two parter. Part one if someone is doing them and it makes them happy and it isn’t physically hurting anyone LEAVE THEM THE […]

my tip of the day for you is don’t drink and or get high and drive! ┬áIf you don’t care about someone else’s life worry about your own and DON’T […]

  I have no empoweing message of wisdom just a harsh message. IF YOU FIND HER OR HIM HOT AND THEY TURN YOU DOWN AND YOU INSALT THEM YOU ARE […]

You are not obligated to have sex with anyone. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t ever feel bad about walking away, you will respect yourself more for being strong […]

The amends arnt for them its for you to move on without regrets.

All people are different we all grow different and there’s nothing AND I MEAN NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Be yourself as immature as mature as ridiculous looking or as normal […]

#53 When you are sick stay home so you don’t infect a whole group of people. -_-

Stop being assholes to people who arnt like you, stop attacking others , stop abusing other’s, stop trying to bully others into being like you. We are all different we […]