#58 t.o.t.d

My tip for you today is a two parter. Part one if someone is doing them and it makes them happy and it isn’t physically hurting anyone LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE! Now i know this is a hard to grasp concept for some people but how others dress and what they do to their body isn’t your shit to worry about, where they pee or poop isnt really your concern unless they are doing it on you! And frankly you’re all worked up over bathrooms but have you ever been to a concert the lines to the mens room are full of ladys trying to pee! Also if you know the gender of the person in the stall next to you there is something wrong.

Two if you are in any house of worship of any kind for any religion and you feel the need to be mean to another person because of the above mentioned things or how someone looks and what they are wearing please find the nearest exit and leave! Because thats not the place for that shit! There’s not a single excuse for assholery in a house of worship they are off limits! And don’t be a ahole in schools either.   life is too damb short for hate! And you better have never done anything wrong before you start throwing stones at people! That being said have a good night

A summary of this post don’t hurt other people for things that make them happy if they arnt hurting anybody life is to short for hate and two dont be a ahole in religious buildings! Or schools.

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