Not a tip just a warning

All people are different we all grow different and there’s nothing AND I MEAN NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Be yourself as immature as mature as ridiculous looking or as normal looking as you want to be you’re all special and you are all and i mean all of you are worth something. Don’t let people who are misrabul in their own life cut you down for doing what makes you happy. Get stickers and put them everywhere, dye your hair whatever color makes you happy shave it don’t shave it. Be what ever the fuck makes you happy. And oi misrabul people lay the fuck off . just because you’re all grumpy don’t take it out on thoes who are happy. We don’t have to be pissy like you. ALSO THE WORLD ISN’T JUST YOU AND WHAT YOU WANT . THE WORLD IS DIVERSE PEOPLE ARE DIVERSE AND YOU’RE NOT HERE TO CHOP PEOPLE INTO LITTLE CUBES TO FIT YOUR NORM. PEOPLE ARE DIFFRENT AND THEY MATTER.

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