she would be able to vanish and no one would look for or care she is gone.

I have realized that without a cell phone I want to do more non phone related things, like I like looking up at the sky,I miss taking pictures with my […]

Some-days I feel as if social media isn’t for me, I have no desire to have my life validated by others via likes and loves, I don’t whine about my […]

be the toaster strudel in the pop tart world (if you don’t understand what that means it means even tho we are made up of similar insides make your own […]

Wisdom from the bunny to her public even tho its just one……. parenting isn’t about sheltering your baby’s, and hiding them from everything that seems unright to you in this […]

The Bunny logic is 1 years old today A cake will be had and made and will be eaten, also i would like to thank MR.L from HostArmor.com for making […]

Mr.L from HostArmor is....

Amazing:) im #1 on Google when you search for me. also if you look up Bunnylogic.com stats you see my old layout