Is this really for me?

Some-days I feel as if social media isn’t for me, I have no desire to have my life validated by others via likes and loves, I don’t whine about my problems, I don’t boast about my day to day life, my relationship, or my Significant Other, I don’t take political stands and I hate arguments over them, I don’t care to stalk my exs, I don’t care to reconnect with the people who made my life hell in school, I don’t want to see how they are doing I just want to watch my shows, enjoy music and avoid as much confrontation as possible on the websites I am on, and maybe just maybe have people read my blog and become a professional blogger, for blogging about things I enjoy or love that’s it . I haven’t the slightest clue as to why I’m typing this eather. Aissh oh well carry on.

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