They dont tell you (adult content ahead)

 they dont tell you about The flashbacks from a suicide attempt gone wrong,
They dont tell you like a bad acid trip they come at random,
anything triggers them and you are powerless to stop it.
They don’t tell you that you are instantly snapped back to
the lowest point in your life, that those emotions you now
know how to handel slams back to you like a instantaneous tornado.
You haven’t time to brace for as it sweeps you up in it’s merciless winds.
Throwing you about like a doll before you cover yourself up and brace
for landing in the most unceremonious of ways on the ground.
It stings as you scrape your knees on the landing but it doesn’t leave
you broken and gasping like it did before. The old sites ache, the new
ones burn and you readjust to the feeling you forgotten was there.
And you remember that no problem in your life is worth the permanent
solution of death, and you remember you survived and you are strong, you’re
not alone and people love you. Things will only change if you change them.
Sometimes it takes some time but you can. With that note you are stronger then you
think, you can survive this, you are loved, don’t give up five mins before the miracle.

Love Bunny<3

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