I have a understanding when you get hurt after takeing advice, not when you don’t!!!!!!

I don’t have sympathy for people who don’t take the advice they were given and then get hurt when they go ahead and don’t follow it. It’s like purposely sticking your hand in a blender while its on and then complaining about how it hurts cus it’s all cut up and nubby now. If you are gonna be a idiot I reserve the right not to have to care you just got hurt. You want advice yet you do what you want anyways, I was understanding when you came to me for the advice you didn’t want to take now I don’t care, you’re not a little kid you are an adult, I am giving you advice you decided not to take or listen to because it wasn’t what you wanted to hear. Guess what the world doesn’t work that way, somethings you have to listen to others who are older or more experienced and know what they are talking about to deal with them. The moral of this vent is, DON’T COME TO ME FOR ADVICE OR AN IDEA OF WHAT TO DO IF YOUR JUST GONNA DO WHAT YOU WANT ANYWAYS AND THEN GRUMP AT ME FOR NOT BEING UNDERSTANDING WHEN YOU GET HURT. My sympathy for blatant stupidity is reserved for little kids.

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