Why is loving one another so hard?

Wisdom from the bunny to her public even tho its just one…….

parenting isn’t about sheltering your baby’s, and hiding them from everything that seems unright to you in this world. its about accepting them for them and teaching them right from wrong, and showing them love and structure. and how to be a better person. living isn’t about how much you make where you are going and who you know its about being happy in who you are. A life isn’t measured in monetary value its measured in the people we have touched in our years here and what we have done to better our environment. Self worth isn’t what we own its what we think of our self’s, it’s how happy we our in our own skins, in our own lives and the love we have for our self. Our worth isn’t monetary its what people would miss if we were gone and the people who should matter are the people who would miss us if we were gone. We shouldn’t need the newest and biggest thing and the fattest wallet to be happy, to have worth or to be loved. Our love shouldn’t have to be based on looks, and money, power or social stature. And as a family(chosen or not), as friends , a community , as a population we should not go out of our ways to intentionally hurt others, verbally or physically we should just love each other, to care for each other and to help eachother. Why is loving one another so hard?

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