The bunny logic familys hearts

Are with those who have recently been affected by the terrorist attacks all over the world and most recently in the uk and today in russia, noone deserves to die before their time over somoone elses hatred. I’ll only say this one time i try and post upbeat things straying far from hateful thing’s we hear enough of daily. But small, insecure, uselessly insignificant people use violence and hatered to obtain their goals. Hate does nothing but distroy things like the earth and the people around us, so if you feel the need to hurt others , to kill others to attack others and animals and most of all distroy the things around you and others please turn yourself in , or exclude yourself from this world without hurting people in the process trust when i say I’d rather live in a world where the reports are on the monsters ending themselves without people around in secluded area’s then a world where they hurt and kill people because they feel they will be rewarded for their monstrosities in the afterlife. Now go hug a loved one remember that this life is too short for anger and hate and destruction. Help a stranger in need without them and the world knowing and love one another.

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