my tip for you today is take a moment to brighten a strangers day and let them know it will be ok and that they are never alone. I ┬áhad […]

Happy FathersDay

My only tip today is not all fathers are the second half of your dna some are moms, sisters, aunts, grandmas, nieces, cousin’s,friends lover’s, brother’s, uncles,grandpa’s nephews. Just remember that […]

My only tip for today is cherish the the time you have with those you love because you’ll never know when they’re gone.     Today is a shitty day […]

Some will go out of their way to make someones day magical . Others tear someone apart to make them feel misrabul. My only tip is don’t be jealous or […]

people are not things, people are not disposable don’t treat them like they are. #49 don’t treat people like they are a piece of garbage or a toy to rid […]

My tip for you today is listen. Just listen without judgement. Listen and dont hurt people.

#47 is to push yourself to expand your creativity. So in lue of my own advice im starting a 365 drawing challenge. take it with me or just enjoy the […]

To whom ever is reading this and if this is the only one you get know i mean it and hope you have someone who goes all out for you […]