I feel like

No-one heard the love each other part in every religious book, didn’t hear the treat others as you would like to be treated. Didn’t hear the don’t kill or hurt each other part of every religious text. We live in a world that it is far easier to find hate and bigotry then love and understanding. Every time i hear about another attack another shooting another death another act of violence against animals and people, i think of the 12th doctor standing with the war boxes trying to convey the message of war, murder,hatred and killing aren’t the answer. It wont solve anything. It only brings more. So today i hope this message of stop the violence reaches all ears all eyes and hearts this life is short enough there is no room for hate! love each other trust me it’s easier to lift up the persons on this earth near you and with you and those you love with love then to knock them down with hate. So today and every other day remember to live without violence and anger trust me the world is a good place it just needs love help build not destroy.

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