dispose, replace and forget

Am i really that disposable,  that you can just discard me, maybe i should know by now i am easy to get rid of, maybe i should know by now im not more then a childs construction paper artwork that you get rid of when it becomes to tatterd. Maybe i should know at this point that the only reason im kept around if at all is a means to an end a duff ofthe world.

I am easy to replace find newer prettier younger cuter, less depresseing less whiny, less bitchy less of eveything that happens when a person knows just how worthless they are. How low a person can feel starting from a young age the pain of knowing your only worth what that state pays someone to keep you. Your only worth what you can give monetarily and dispite how pretty you’re told you are you will never be like someone elses kids, you’ll never be loved, truly loved and cherished to be able to vanish when Someone says “piss off” and not one person care. Am i not good enough? ┬áCan i be the princess everyone loves, can i be the kid your proud of the girl You love and come to and talk to and want. The one You can’t live without and can’t stand to hurt. Can i just be kept, cherished and loved. Am i asking for to much or am i a rusty bike,a broken lamp a old piece of paper and unneeded junk.

Sighs sleepy now

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