Today my heart hurts and like I have for 3 month’s now have cried…… I want my Daddy. I want the hurt to go away.

This tip will be different then the others todays tip is love. Love everyone LOVE EVERYONE DON’T HURT OR KILL OR SUFFER PEOPLE JUST LOVE LOVE NO KILLING NO HATEING […]

#43 don’t let the past that help make you overcome you and become you.  

#39. take accountability for yourself and your actions #40.admit when you are wrong. #41.apologize for your words and actions. #42. Change the offending behavior and don’t do or say it […]

The simple things in life

#38 listen calmly to everyone who speeks to you, you cant take back the mean things you say or do.

#36 always be honest #37when you have a issue with someone dont pretend not to to start some issh later. Liers and two faced people are not good people they […]

#35 be self validating and confident in yourself. Without being mean or cocky.

#33 take your own personal inventory don’t worry about takeing others. You will be suprised how much less stressful your life is when you stop caring about what everyone else […]

Always say kind things, you can’t take the mean words back https://youtu.be/ibgvkXm9Qkc