Have a safe and happy new year don’t drink and drive and remember  hugs not guns Also lets all take a moment of silence to remember all thoes who have […]

Merry Christmas from the bunnylogic family to yours

remember to drive with caution while you are on the roads this season. no one wants to bury their loved ones , and it’s especially worse to do on the […]

“Santa isn’t a person, Santa is a feeling, he lives in our heart’s and minds but not in the flesh.” this holiday i am taking a page out of the […]

No-one heard the love each other part in every religious book, didn’t hear the treat others as you would like to be treated. Didn’t hear the don’t kill or hurt […]

#60 you matter your voice counts and unless you are spewing hatered and violence and lies with it, keep useing it please , please remember you’re important. Be kind to […]

My tip for you is filter yourself before you speak and you may say what about my freedom of speech. Free speech- is being able to voice a like or […]

Who i Love for putting up with my insanity on a regular basis, handling the baggage and dealing with and loving me. I love You very much.